My FAQ will provide you with a quick guide to the services I do & do not offer, my rates, policies & procedures.

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Table of Contents:

Process + Practice = Perfect

Practice Flow

Our 1-on-1 private lessons are based on your self-directed goals, and my assessment of the next step to get you there.

This can take one of many forms, including:

  • Learning by ear
  • Transcriptions
  • Bespoke Arrangements
  • Recommended Repertoire from my library

Daily practice is a necessity

You should realistically be practicing no less than 60m/day, as this video illustrates:

We meet together for 30-60 minutes in each private lesson. That’s a total of 1-4 hours of focused musical interaction each month.

If you can create that type of time investment on a daily basis, after 3-6 months you should see noticeable advancements in your technique, memorization, and ability to play by ear.

“Principle > Process > Product”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The focused daily habits you create now, will reap exponential rewards the longer you practice them.



It is important in our first meeting – and as we progress – that you share your goals on your instrument.

Goals could include topics like:

  • Learning Songs
  • Literacy (reading & writing music notation & tablature)
  • Fretboard Knowledge (like scales, arpeggios & chords)
  • Musical Vernacular (how to speak the language of a specific style or artist)
  • Improvisation (the skills to compose in the musical moment)
  • Ear Training (playing what you hear & hearing what you play)
  • Music Theory (the structural logic behind the sounds that move you)
  • Self- Accompaniment (strumming while you sing)
  • Writing Songs (the culmination of musical understanding & expression)

It’s also helpful – but not always necessary – for me to have a deeper understanding of your motivations. These could be things like:

  • Fun & Self-Expression
  • Acquiring Knowledge & Skills
  • Joining A Community

Monthly Membership

Monthly Memberships: 60m / 30m

I offer privates lesson & some group classes or ensembles in a seat-based availability, on a rolling monthly basis. Booking priority is awarded by frequency.

60m private lessons are available in monthly packages of 4X or 2X.

When we decide to work together, sessions are booked 15-45 days in advance using my enrollment page.

You will enter your payment info to reserve your seat, and then follow the “Schedule” link to schedule your lessons for the coming month.

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

48 Hours

I keep the trains running on time by enforcing a firm 48-hour cancellation policy.

I do this as much for you as for me. The more predictable your practice schedule is, the more productive our time together will be. Makes sense, right?

That means you have up until a full 48-hours before we are scheduled to meet to forfeit the lesson, or reschedule it.

Here’s some objective perspective on the subject:



Enrollment opens on the 15th of each month to schedule for the upcoming month. Your monthly subscription will be billed on the 22nd of each month, for the coming month.

If you have any questions at all – just shoot me a quick email, and I’m happy to fill you in ;)


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