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Are you a beginner looking for a private teacher to guide you along the start of your journey as a musician? Would you consider yourself an intermediate player, with the basics under your belt, but lacking a complete view of how music theory works on your instrument? Or are you more of an advanced player, maybe you even have professional experience under your belt, but you seek a new perspective, a new approach or method grounded in the self-discipline of ear training, reading notation, music theory or composition or music production?


Chris Conly has been a professionally musician since the age of 14. A native of coastal Maine, Chris paid his dues playing festivals, weddings, cocktail jazz sets & in musicals theatre pits.

In 2004 he graduated from Boston’s Berkelee College of Music with a B.M. in Education and minor in performance & composition.

He has toured the United States & Europe with numerous independent performers.

Since moving to New York City in 2007, Chris has broadened his musical range by doubling on 5-String Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin.

Not long after arriving, he opened his teaching studio to offer dedicated players his skills & resources.

Teaching Experience

As an in-demand private instructor in NYC, Chris has had the pleasure of working with 300+ private students, just to name a few:

  • Jennifer DiNoia (Wicked)
  • Karen O (YYY’s)
  • Zachary Quinto (Star Trek)
  • Betty Gilpin (Glow)

Chris has worked as the resident guitar instructor at Camp Encore/Coda, Greenwich Music, & Mockingbird Music throughout New England, working with students of all ages & abilities.

Chris understands that being a great musician doesn’t always translate to being a great teacher. So over the years he has developed his own curriculums to help students:

  1. Enjoy the art of practicing/training
  2. Play the songs you love on a deeper level
  3. Share your passion with your audience

Student ↹ Teacher

An accurate Student/Teacher match is crucial for any student to develop into a musician, and for a teacher to recognize a student’s true potential. That’s why all new students are offered a free 30m Intro Lesson.

60m private session slots are available by the semester at Chris’s private studio. Take a look the instruments & styles, and sign up for your free 30m Intro Lesson, where you can audition & discover your goals.

Monthly Jam Sessions & performance opportunities are open to all current students!