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Hey there – I’m Chris Conly!

Chris Conly

Who am I & what how can I help you?

I’ve worked with thousands of players just like you offering my step-by-step insight to help you:

  • Have more fun playing with friends
  • Improvise more fluidly & naturally
  • Write more expressive original songs

I currently offer my teaching in 2 formats:

  • Private Lessons In New York City

    Find out more detailed info about my “Musical Personal Trainer” approach to private lesson on Guitar, Banjo or Ukulele

  • Online Tutorials

    My tutorials are carefully targeted to be as simple & focused as possible – and to get you playing and having fun practicing ASAP!

    Tutorial bundles include all necessary info to learn new songs & ideas – right out of the box – and include a variety of different resources:

    – YouTube Videos
    – PDF: Notation, Tablature & Chord Charts
    – MP3 Play-Along Tracks: Slow, Medium & Fast
    – Complete GarageBand Project Files

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