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5 Ways To Pick A High-Quality Teacher Or Coach – According To Daniel Coyle

Tip #12 from “The Little Book of Talent”

by Daniel Coyle (New York Times bestselling author of “The Talent Code”)

  • Avoid Someone Who Reminds You Of A Courteous Waiter
  • Seek Someone Who Scares You A Little
  • Seek Someone Who Gives Short, Clear Directions
  • Seek Someone Who Loves Teaching Fundamentals
  • Other Things Being Equal, Pick The Older Person

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Book Review: “The Little Book of Talent” by Daniel Coyle

I just opened Daniel Coyle’s 2012 guide to greatness “The Little Book of Talent” I ordered from Amazon, and I’ve already blown through half of it just on my subway ride into the studio on this snowy afternoon. It’s an easy read, and the optimal subway book because of its small size. But the reason it’s small it more important – he keeps it simple. It’s filled with “52 tips for improving your skills”, but each one has been distilled down to its essence.

Amazon recommended this to me because of my interest in Daniel Coyle’s New York Times bestseller “The Talent Code“, which is a larger, more detailed version of how this book evolved, following him around the world as he visit talent hotbeds to interview coaches, teachers, and mentors to find the methods behind their success. Even though there is some overlap, I do highly recommend “The Talent Code” to get his message in full. “The Little Book of Talent” makes a great companion and takes the lessons he has learned farther, again distilling them into their most potent format.

The book is organized into 3 parts: Getting Started, Improving Skills and Sustaining Progress. Some of my favorite tips are:

  • #4: Buy A Notebook
  • #6: Choose Spartan Over Luxurious
  • #7: Before You Start, Figure Out If It’s A Hard Skill Or A Soft Skill
  • #12: 5 Ways To Pick A High-Quality Teacher Or Coach
  • #13: Find The Sweet Spot
  • #18: Choose Five Minutes A Day Over An Hour A Week
  • #30: Take A Nap
  • #44: Have A Blue-Collar Mind-Set
  • #48: Give A New Skill A Minimum Of Eight Weeks
  • #52: “Think Like A Gardener, Work Like A Carpenter”

I have not only integrated his findings into my practice routine, but I’ve been excited to apply these concepts to my teaching method for almost a year now and I’m thrilled with the results!

Full Disclosure: This is an Amazon affiliate link – meaning I get a (very) small cut if you click to purchase – which I highly recommend you do if you haven’t already!

Little Book of Talent

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Banjo Triad Inversions: I vi IV V

Triad Inversions for Banjo: I vi IV V

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Blackbird – Paul McCartney

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